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More Sweet Feet!

Posted by Sally Red on May 21, 2014 at 5:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Straight line quilting, zigzag quilting, lavender oil, rosewater oil, and patchouli....SEW much fun to put these together.



Posted by Sally Red on May 21, 2014 at 5:10 AM Comments comments (0)

SWEET FEET are here!  Why have "hotel feet" when you can have "Sweet Feet"?!  These quilted hotel slippers are perfect for travel.  The pattern comes with complete instructions for shoes and shoe bag, pattern template, embroidery designs for ITH sachets, and slippers frames.  Just add a bottle of essential oil to keep your slippers and feet smelling sweet.  The pattern is available at SewWhat! Quilt Shop in Palestine, Texas.  You can call them at (903)-729-2889 to order.



Spring has sprung...sort of~

Posted by Sally Red on April 17, 2014 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (0)

The nose knows...but this weather is crazy!  Hot and cold, hot and cold.  But, of course, it's Texas! Here is a picture of one of my beautiful irises before the hail:  Everything is out of the greenhouse except for some cuttings.  Periwinkles are volunteering, so maybe the Easter cold snap will not happen.  BTW....HAPPY EASTER!  We took Parker to her first egg hunt at the church last evening.  She is so much fun!

Great video tute for all of you with sergers:

Cute freebie at

LOTS of great sales going on in respect to tax day.  Looks like stuffies are all the rage. I am going to try one of the stuffed peeps from EmbroideryBoutique.

Getting ready for a bus trip put on by MindingMy P's&Q's quilt shop next week-end and then my Spring Fling Trunk Show is May 1st.  BUSY, BUSY out in the sewing room.   Had to buy a new printer and getting it set up was a feat.  Printing off folder freebies for ev1 attending.  AND>>>I am releasing a CUTE pattern!  More about it after its debut at the trunk show.

In June, I will be traveling to the Applique Getaway in Frisco.  Had a great time last year and looking forward to learning new things and making new friends.

Hope you all have a blessed Eastertime and happy stitches!  s

life gets in the way...

Posted by Sally Red on March 4, 2014 at 9:10 AM Comments comments (0) it has been awhile.  Life has gotten in the way.  I am sure you know the feeling.  Just going to share with you a few things.........

Texas celebrated her independence day again and I am so thankful for all those brave men and women and the sacrifices they made so that I can live in this great state!  has a cute freebie up today. has another beautiful font going and some super dollar deals.  These designs are absolutely gorgeous and stitch out so well.

The embroidery 101 classes went so well that i am doing Applique 101 this Thursday at SewWhat! in Palestine.  Finished making the samples for the quilt-as-you-go baby bib class for April.  They are really cute and FAST!.  Still working on fun projects for the Spring Fling trunk show for May 1st.  My sewing room is a disaster zone with projects piled 3 and 4 deep.    Just not enough time to sew!  Covered notebooks, fabulous feet, and lots of classes on the calendar.  My new best friends are Fricion markers and chrome needles.

We have been lucky to escape most of the ice and snow so far, but we got a taste Sunday and Monday.  So much for the peach crop this year.  Most of the peach trees around here were in full bloom, as well as all the pear and plum trees.  The white blooms on 84 towrad palestine were just breathtakingly beautiful this past week.

On a fun note...I am publishimg my second pattern!  It is an arduous and expensive task, and I can hardly wait until the copyright part is done and I can share more with you!  Stay tuned...

Several of us went to an AnitaGoodesign 10th anniversary event in Tyler a couple of weeks ago and had such a fun outing.  You should see the feather blocks Tillie is doing!  i have stitched out two of the frames I bought...WOW...they are gorgeous!  These are not quick projects, by any means and they do take up some thread and time, but the detail is what makes them so unique and their instructions are really well done.  I enjoyed seeing all the samples, meeting new people that love stitching, and hanging with my besties.  Going on a shop hop 2 day bus thingy the end of April, so saving my pennies!  Yeah right!  lol  I just got on and bought more designs yesterday.  Thank goodness they were only $1,  I love when they do this.  It gives me a chance to try some new vendors and see their work for $1 instead of paying full price.  This is how I found graceful embroidery, louisa meyer originals, my fair lady and lots of others.  Check it out.

Enough for today!  Going to brave the grocery store.  So many great recipes posted on fb that I want to try.  The 7up Biscuits were a big hit as well as the Jalapeno Chicken and Rice and the crockpot porkchops.

Be safe, be warm, and have happy, happy stitches til I post again!  s

Happy New Year!

Posted by Sally Red on January 24, 2014 at 10:55 AM Comments comments (1)

By now, you have decided which of those new year's resolutions you are going to stick with and really feel accomplished!  Actually, we SHOULD look at every day as a "new" beginning and the first day of the rest of our lives. Make a resolution to try something new every day...even if it is just being thankful.  We take so much for granted.

  Here is my precious Parker at her first trip to the zoo in Tyler.  She will be encountering many firsts this year...and EVERY DAY she discovers something new.  I think we are never too old to discover new things.

Today I discovered how to change and clean the filters on my new vacuum cleaner!  And, speaking of cleaning, check out this fab find!  Go to the automotive center of your WM and look for a ten pack of cleaning cloths.  They are white with a blue stripe and cost $9.97.  Take them home and wash them and they will be the best polishing, cleaning, dusting rags you could ever want.  Love them.  As M would say, "They are a good thing".

Plans are already underway for the next Spring Fling trunk show at Sew What! quilt shop in Palestine.  This week I taught Embroidery 101 classes and had a great time with a wonderful group of ladies.  February classes are on the calendar for xs and embossing on the embroidery machine, and classes for learning feet.  Cute projects accompany the feet classes and I can hardly wait!

While I have the domestic diva thing going on, I am backing up my embroidery design files to a flash drive, an external hard drive and my laptop.  It will take a good part of the day, but is good insurance in the event of a crash for my design investment.  If you have not done so in the last few months, make it a resolution to regularly back up your prized computer possessions!!!

We had a light dusting of snow here last night and it is cold outside.  Having to run humidifiers to keep things from drying out (like my nose and sinuses, and the furniture).  I am hoping all of you reading this are safe and warm and well.

For my embroidery buddies, EL has some pretty free framed floral designs for this wknd only.  Missi at Skeldale House has started her new free font...a patriotic xs set.  If you need to nibble while you stitch, check out the Biscoff chocolate covered cookies at WM.  The plain ones are wonderful, too.  Happy Stitches!  s

Merry Christmas 2013

Posted by Sally Red on December 20, 2013 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (0)

The holidays are officially here as gifts and best wishes are being exchanged. I love gifting to my friends and letting them know just how much they mean to me.  There are always those unexpected gifts I receive that just warm my heart and soul and this year the hugs and cards and gifts from people I had no idea that I touched their lives caught me off guard and brought me to tears.  More of God's abundant blessings...I am humbled!  Thank you, too, to each of you that have e-mailed me about the blog as it also means so much to me. many wonderful gifts from my favorite sites are being offered right now. has a pretty cardinal and holly leaf and Nordic snowflakes under the free download tab.  has a beautiful redbird and wreath design and has a cute gift card holder. Check out, , and for daily freebies. So many more have great sales right now, so gifting to your embroidery friends is easy!  If you are not signed up for EBATES, do it!  You get cash back for shopping at most stores.  This morning, JCP had a coupon, free shipping and I got 6% back by going through Ebates.  Found a last minute gift I thought I needed.  Also found some CUTE stuff on Woot for next year.  SewWhat! fabric store has had a fun "stuff my stocking" event with daily deals that you can just do, fun and convenient. 

I wish you could just smell the fragrance that envelopes you when you open the door to the greenhouse!  My lemon tree is blooming and smells wonderful!!!  I am enjoying fresh lemons now and hope for a good crop next year.

Well, I wish you all peace and joy and of course, happy stitches!  s

Giving Thanks

Posted by Sally Red on November 27, 2013 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (0) something we should do 365, but maybe one day will get us in the habit of feeling blessed and giving thanks and we can BE HAPPY!

For those of you traveling, i wish you safe travels.  For those of you shopping, I wish you safety, as  i will be doing some cyber shopping.  So many great sales have already started.  I am going to share some of my "finds" .  has $1 sale thru Friday has a similar sale . has a 20% off coupon with free shipping

I LOVE to find coupon codes for all my favorite stores.

A lot of my gifts are usually homemade and from the heart.  This year is no exception and I think I have fit the gifts to the recipients.  I showed some of these at the trunk show, and so many have e-mailed me pictures of their versions..."the sentiment picture pillow'.  This one is for my sweet Parker and her parents.

CME just posted the upcoming details of the new issue and   I AM IN IT!  Be sure and check out the chicky kitchen article and get the free designs!!

is the link.

Today we have sunshine and after 7 inches of rain, it is welcome.  Maybe the septic system can handle a load of laundry while the pies are cooking.  I am thankful and in prayer for each of you, for our country and its leaders and I wish each of you a happy and grateful heart!  s

New freebie!

Posted by Sally Red on November 16, 2013 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (0) is the link for a cute and free Christmas balls design from Creative machine Embroidery.  I know you are all really busy working on holiday projects.  Heartfelt, homemade gifts are such personal expressions of love and joy...

Carry on!  s

A WHOLE Month?

Posted by Sally Red on November 5, 2013 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (2)

Hardly seems possible that it has been a month since I last posted, but life has been happening around here.  Highlights include 13 inches of rain and more happening, another birthday and Pumpkin Patch at the Church, and getting ready for the annual Harvest Dinner, planning classes requested after the Fall Flourish trunk show, and........well, you get the idea!

Have started the plant trek to the greenhouse and it is going to be another Advil night.  Still have the lime and lemon trees and the bouganvillas to go and then cuttings from the angel's trumpets.  I just cannot cut them back yet.  They are just beautiful and even now their fragrance is wafting through the window as I type.Look how huge they are!

Mary and Hazel took me on a little birthday trip again this year, and I have to tell you that I am SO blessed by their friendship.  Don't you just love being around people that make you giggle and glow?  They made turning 58 way fun.

Would you believe that I am almost done with my Christmas and December birthday lists?!!!  now for those last few...

Several of us are having a garage sale this wknd and we had to laugh because we bought a lot of each other's stuff while setting it up!!!

One of the classes we are offering at SewWhat! is a snap bag.  These are so cute and fun to make and I actually USE mine.  lol  google it and just look at all the variations you could make!  We will also be making a crazypatch table runner, casserole carrier, and well, I can't remember what else, but it is always a lot of fun with those ladies.

Whew!  more  Gunner is snoring and I am turning into a pumpkin.

Happy Stitches, All!   s

Fast n Furious Friday

Posted by Sally Red on October 4, 2013 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (0) has a really cute free font in progress and a set to go with it for only $1 for a short while.  Really fun to do some holiday projects with and maybe some cookies for real to bring it home!

THE FALL FLOURISH received so many wonderful reviews!  I had a great time, too~  Paula and Nikki were awesome hostesses and please thank them for the super door prizes and store discounts!  They are 1 year old this month and have specials all month, so stop by, congratulate them and take advantage of their hospitality.

I am regrouping for a few days and doing some yard work after some wonderful rain.  Then I will be back at the machines maybe finishing up a few Christmas gifts and some clothes for me(?).  Happy Stitches, all!