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Zoom, Zoom, Zoom>>>>>>>

Posted by Sally Red on September 27, 2013 at 9:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Time has been whizzing past me so fast I am spinning!  And, it is most likely going to stay that way until after the holidays.  I am taking time to enjoy some cooler mornings and the Indian Summer which is my favorite time of the year. 

One thing that has been keeping me busy is getting ready for Miss Parker's birthday bash.  She turned 1 year old about time flying!  Anyway, we are celebrating in a big friends and family way tomorrow and I am almost (LOL)  ready.  Her daddy had a toybox made and I have been staining and finishing it. Her Aunt Gail made some amazing pillows to go on a little metal bench I found.   Her room is done in circles.  I have made a Dr. Seuss quilt to go with a coordinating onesie I found on Zulilly. She loves Dr. Seuss and we will be doing a Lorax themed birthday party. She has been a source of pure joy since the moment she was born and we all love her more every day!

 And then next Tuesday is the Fall Flourish trunk show and I am so excited about the ideas I have to share!  Paula and Nikki have some REALLY nice door prizes, too, and I think some fun is about to happen!!!

For my embroidery friends, this is a free design from   and just look at this beautiful font from I love that it comes in 12 sizes and is on sale right now.

Will be posting some things from the trunk show in the next few weeks so you can get some inspiration for your holiday gifting.  Until then, happy stitches!   s

Fall Flourish Trunk Show

Posted by Sally Red on September 3, 2013 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (0)

(903) 729-2889 is the number you want to call to have Paula or Nikki reserve your seat for the Fall Flourish Trunk Show.  There will be door prizes, tips and techniques and lots of fun to inspire you to create wonderful gifts for even the most discerning on your list.  Even if you do not own a serger, sewing or embroidery machine, come see what you can do and put one on your wish list at a very special price point.

 It all happens Tuesday, October 1st at Sew What! in Palestine, Texas!  See you there...s

For My Embroidery Friends....

Posted by Sally Red on August 28, 2013 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (0)

LOTS of fun for you today, and I do mean TODAY! Just look at this fun and whimsical applique flower from then the cute little fall guy from or how about the applique bear from !!!

If you have not been to , you will find Hazel's 6th birthday bash going on now with very special sales and freebies. The design sets have freebies in them, too. Her blog has indepth instructions on lots of embroidery techniques and her gallery is some serious eye candy by some amazingly talented people.

AND...there are four more letters up on the annabove fontmania blogspot to download.

Be sure to download these today, and then check back for more every day. Put them in their respective folders and then do something VERY important...BACK UP YOUR DESIGNS !!! I have a small fortune in designs, so I have mine backed up to an external hard drive, USB flash drives and my laptop. Take the time to do this regularly just in case the unthinkable "crash" happens. Been there, done that.

Jolsons, Embroitique, Five Star Fonts and Applique Corner are all having some pretty amazing sales so you can get started on all those holiday projects...check them out and feel free to comment with any special sites and sales that you want to share. Happy Stitches! s

Hot and dry!

Posted by Sally Red on August 6, 2013 at 10:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Not sure how anything is surviving this Texas summer, but these beauties greeted me this morning.  They are smaller than they usually are when we get rain, but the fact that they are even alive and blooming  is awesome.  You should smell their fragrance as you round the corner into the back yard!

Be sure and check out the free font in your e-mail from if you have signed up for their newsletter.  

If I ever get finished with the mound of laundry waiting on me I am going to do some stitching and maybe even work on a quilt!  But...I want to make a new skirt pattern I bought,

Found some fun stuff at Hobby Lobby to theme and scheme with and have some great gift ideas to share with you in another post.  

Next week I am off to hardware market and hope to find some wonderful new things and some shopping bargains.  San Antonio here I come!

Happy Stitches!    s

FUN stuff!

Posted by Sally Red on July 23, 2013 at 12:30 PM Comments comments (1)

Fun time at the Applique Getaway in Frisco last week.  Check out the details on fb so you can get in on it next year.  Bought a blank knit dress and a fun set of designs and came home and created this for Parker.Made a matching bow.  Love the detail in the design.

This morning I watched a free webinar from OESD on machine embroidery quilting.  They have recordings of the webinars and LOTS of other great tips and tools and stuff on their website.  Be sure and check out the OESD.ARTsizer program that is free and will resize, mirror and rotate designs and save them in your format!  NICE

Other fun sites: (type in a message and see it portrayed in amusing llama font) (great site for free kids games to download to your device) and (a cross between tetris and word search).

CHECK OUT AIRSTITCH APP for iPad...lets you download and view, save and convert embroidery designs!  woohoo!!!!

PRAISE THE LORD  we got some rain this past week and things have a touch of green to them once again.

Hope you are having a safe, fun summer and getting some stitching done, loving on your pets, digging in the dirt, watching birds at your feeder and generally just enjoying life!  s

Well, it has been awhile...

Posted by Sally Red on July 6, 2013 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (1)

Somewhere, somehow, time went flying by me at an alarming rate.  Has it really been a month?  Not sure how many read this, anyway, because no one comments much and I figure my life isn't the only one that gets crazy sometimes.  But, for those of you that do, I want to share some things with you...

First, this is a link to an absolutely amazing kite flying thing.     I have always been fascinated by kites and still fly the inexpensive ones in the middle of the pasture across from us when the whim hits me in the spring.

The next trunk show, A Fall Flourish, is in the making for October 3rd at Sew What! in Palestine.  I am working on some really fun things and had to laugh at myself this afternoon...One of the groupings I named, "Crazy about Christmas" and includes some beautiful offerings done in crazy patch.  The thought occured to me that it might best be described as, "Crazy by Christmas"!  lol

Getting ready for the Applique Getaway wknd in Frisco on the  13th and 14th.  Those who wish to participate are to make an itme using the logo provided to be entered in some fun door prizes.  Here is my offering...Looking forward to having a fun time with a fun friend, meeting some new friends, and learning more about applique.  Just might do a little shopping, too!

Please pray for rain here.  It is so very dry.  Animals as well as plant life are suffering, and fires are a serious danger.

This is a picture of Parker one Sunday when we had her here at the house.  She is 9 months old and on the verge of walking.  She tackled the step into the kitchen without even blinking and then looked up at me with this face...She waited a little late to ask if it was okay!  lol

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July.  I want you to take the time and read the history of the men that signed the Declaration.  Most lost, money, homes and their lives for their undertaking.

Nothing like summertime in Texas!  Wherever you are, find joy in the moment, in the day and in the season.  Happy Stitches, All!  


Crazy Patch Kind of Day

Posted by Sally Red on June 5, 2013 at 10:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Planned a perfectly wonderful day with my friend Mary, for a pedicures, lunch and some shopping.  We were tired and a few miles from home when I noticed I did not have my purse.  You know that nightmare you have about leaving your purse at Walmart?  Well, my dream became an alarming reality.  Mary got the number off her receipt and I called several times and finally got someone who told me my purse had been turned in.  Mary drove me BACK to Corsicana and my purse was ALL cards, money, DL, everything.  Thank God for good people, good friends and answered prayer.  Feeling VERY grateful this evening.

Not only did I lose my purse today, but lost a very important person in my life.  Doris Mabry was a most wonderful example of a Christian to me and I will miss her so very much.

Did you know...that a Magic Eraser will clean all that gunk off your iron?!!! has four new letters for you to download.   Jolsons has a dollar days blowout happening right now.

It has been a day of laughing, a day of tears, a day of remembering and a day of forgetting.  I thank God for it crazy patch kind of day.  s

Sunday's Thoughts for the Day

Posted by Sally Red on May 19, 2013 at 10:20 PM Comments comments (0)

And here we are starting another week...and I hope it is a very good one for all.  Much on the calendar this week including car maintenance, a new class to teach on making the krinkled flowers, yard work, graduation of some very fine young men and women, dogs to be bathed, yearly house inspection for termites, and praying for some much needed rain.  I cannot remember it ever being this dry in May.  Today was oppressive with the wind feeling like you just opened the oven door.  Couple that with menopause and hot flashes and you have some much needed air conditioning.  Just need to win the lottery to pay for it!  lol  has a new font free for the downloading and it is so pretty.I really liked the last one, too, and I think you can still get it for free off the fb page.

Excited to be going to the first "Applique Get Together" in Frisco on July 13th and 14th.  Will be fun to meet some of the people that are behind the creative designs I love and share ideas.

If you are into embroidery, check out Deborah Jones' site,   There are some great tips and videos.  Also, Jenny Haskins has some really great free videos that are quite helpful.

I am trying to get ideas for cooking camp in July.  I usually have it all planned by now, but health issues got in the way.  If you have any neat recipes that would be fun for 3rd through 6th graders, please send me an e-mail.  I have also been gathering ideas for the fall trunk show.  There are still so many that are not into machine embroidery, (bless their hearts...they just don't know what they are missing!) and I am working hard on some great ideas that do not require an embroidery machine.

Well...the dog is actually snoring quite loud and I guess it IS time for bed.  It has truly been a blessed day of worship and praising God.  I hope that you, too, can carry joy in your heart this week and look around you and realize just how good God is!      And....Happy Stitches, All~  s

And a New Week Begins!

Posted by Sally Red on May 5, 2013 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

The trunk show was great fun, and new friendships were made.  We all learned to love ruffles as we celebrated springtime amidst bolts of brightly colored floral prints, smiling faces and samples from Sally's sewing room...(which by the way is a total mess!)  The event was such a success that there will be a Fall Frolic on October 3rd featuring more creative ideas for the fall and winter MARK YOUR CALENDAR!  Here is a pic of a pillow featured at the show.

The three piece jacket pattern was Burda 8299...sorry I could not remember under pressure!  lol

Several wanted classes, so check with SewWhat! quilt shop for dates and times.  If a class is not listed that you want to take, then mention it to Paula or Nikki.  is the link to a great new freebie and contest celebrating five years for UT website fans.  And, has a really cute fishie freebie that just makes you wiggle.  Love her work!  Designs in Machine Embroidery is offering a free PDF download of fun ideas on their website, too.  Wow...just like Christmas!  

If you caught your eye drawn to the new "Glamping" fabric line by Moda at the quilt shop, there are some perfect embroidery designs to go along with the fabrics at  Think picnic blankets, pillowcases, totes, first aid kit bags....just get creative and STITCH!

Have a most wonderful week of happy, happy stitches and take time to enjoy the birds singing, the flowers blooming and remember to just smile!  a



Posted by Sally Red on April 25, 2013 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (0)

What a fun litlle bag with all sorts of possibilities!  Free fun tute at