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Easter Egg Towel tutorial

Cut a piece of cut away stabilizer and fuse towel half way down hooping both towel and stabilizer as shown.Stitch out die line and and trim away towel from inside the die line and then finish stitching applilque egg placing fabric underneath hoop before final outline stitch.Remove from hoop and trim away stabilizer from applique.Stitch out enough free standing applique eggs in a smaller hoop to go across the bottom of the towel.  Try using various trims or decorative stitches on your machine.  Arrange eggs in a pleasing manner and glue baste of heat fuse into place.  Then secure by hand using a whipstitch on the backside of the towel  Add lettering or sentiment, as desired, and ENJOY! You can use this technique for Christmas ornaments, shamrocks, hearts....whatever! 

ITH tissue holder

To make the tissue holder pictured in this collection you will need to hoop a piece of cutaway stabilizer in a 130x180 or larger hoop.  Color 1 shows fabric placement.  On top of the stitch line, place fashion fabric RSU and underneath the hoop, place lining fabric RSD.  Stitch tack-down color 2.  Stitch color 3 and trim away fabric and stabilizer just inside stitch line.  Stitch color 4 for satin stitch outline of opening.  Now, make a separate "sandwich" of fashion fabric (RSD)), cutaway stabilizer and lining fabric (RSU).  Place the sandwich on top of your hoop covering previously stitched portion of tissue holder.  Now stitch color 5.  Remove from hoop, trim and turn.  I like to zigzag around the edges before turning.  Stuff with tissue and your new accessory is ready to use!


Let's make a patch!  This is applicable for any shape, but I have a free one for you at the bottom of this tutorial. First, hoop cutaway stabilizer in a hoop that will accomodate your patch(this one will fit in a 100mm x100mm hoop).  Place a lining fabric underneath the hoop and a piece of heavy cutaway or tearaway stabilizer on top of the hooped stabilizer.  Add your fashion fabric RSU on top of all of this.  The first color is usually the placement line.  Next, the tackdown. I combined the two in my design to save time.  Then, you would stitch out your design( a monogram or whatever) if you are going to. Remove hoop from machine and trim away excess fabric and stabilizer around tackdown line from top and bottom.  Replace hoop and do final satin stitch.  Remove from the hoop and carefully trim away the cutaway stabilizer.  I like to finish the edge by applying a similar colored heavy thread around the edge with a zigzag stitch so no stabilizer shows.  I used this method on the projects pictured here.  This is great for those hard to embellish items! The square patch design used on the chicken hot pad is free for you to download.  appliquepatch.hus

Quilt-as-you-go Bib

Check out the tutorial for making this cute and fun!